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LAHITECH Network Consulting Services

LAHITECH Network provides IT consulting and designing services for small to medium sized business. Your LAN might be just a hub with 3 devices or a 250+ host LAN with switches, routers and firewalls. You might need to built it from ground up or have a grown network that you want to streamline.

LAHITECH Network division consultant will meet with you and assess the IT needs of your organization. Whether you are a small shop or a large business with multiple locations we have experience with organizations of all sizes.

Professional, Experienced and certified consultants who care about the success of your business

Our technical consultants have many years of experience and have designed and deployed hundreds of different IT environments. All have professional training and certifications including MCSE’s, CCNA’s, CCDP’s and more. Their exposure to and experience with a wide variety of different business types and technology environments means that they have real-world, up to date knowledge of the IT challenges which face your business.

Complete network performance base lining and documentation

The key to successful, proactive network maintenance is first knowing and understanding the current configuration and performance of your network. Before LAHITECH Network embarks on a maintenance program with your network, we will spend time analyzing your current network resources. We will run tools to determine network performance baselines, and then produce documentation of all of your hardware and software and how they interconnect. We will record computers and other network equipment their ocation and function on your network and if available serial numbers and their information which may be useful for future service needs. We can also audit all of the software in use on your network in order to verify that you are in compliance with all software vendors licensing rules and regulations.

Physical plant design and implementation from wiring closets to complete data centers

Besides clear and precise documentation of your network, keeping all of your network hardware in a clean, well organized and controlled environment is critical to its uccessful performance. LAHITECH Network consultants can review your current physical IT infrastructure and plan and implement improvements including racking, cable management, power backup, proper cooling and physical security.

On-Site work either on demand or on a scheduled, proactive basis

LAHITECH Network realizes that when it comes to using a network consulting firm that one size does not fit all. Although many of our customers prefer and appreciate having our consultants visit on a regular scheduled basis to keep their network running smoothly, we can and do work on an as needed basis as well. A call to our central dispatch service will ensure the prompt arrival of one of our consultants at your site.

Security auditing and monitoring services

The number and type of threats to your network infrastructure is, unfortunately, ever growing. Our experienced consultants at LAHITECH Network can audit your existing network security and then document and makeecommendations for a comprehensive network security plan. This would include best practices for your unique network as well as procedures to follow in case your security is breached. We also offer a number of different types of security monitoring services.

IT Disaster Recovery and Avoidance Planning

It is an unfortunate reality that a business which loses critical operational data due to hardware failure, security breaches, natural disaster or acts of terrorism, and can not recover that data, will probably fail within a short time period. LAHITECH Network can work with you to develop a data disaster recovery plan to help bring your critical data back up quickly after a disaster. We can also advise you on the best ways to backup your data and prevent viruses and other malware from damaging your network infrastructure.

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 - Network Wiring and    Infrastructure
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 - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly    Routine Maintainance
 - Secure Out of Office    Internet Access (VPN)

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